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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ground. it has burned an estimated 3800 acres so far, and it's only 30% contained. that's the same containment that the fire had 24 hours ago. but that could soon cheick, leaving the fate of nearly 200 homes in jeopardy. >> jeff ranieri is tracking the shifting wind, but we begin with mark matthews near pope valley. what's the new information about the damage with this fire? >> reporter: they have upped the number of structures that have been burned in the fire from five to seven. they now say that five outhouses or five, i should say sheds burned. and one hunting cabin and one actual residence. we'll tell you more about that in a minute. the most significant change is that the winds have picked up, and it has exasser batesed this fire. from the air, that's how this fire is being fought.
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the steep hillsides to the east of pope valley has slowed dozers from getting around the fire. >> we can feel the southwest breeze as pretickdicted coming now. can you not predict which direction that fire's going to go in. >> reporter: the nearest community homes is in barriesba. >> at the high school in middletown, randy fischer is one of those waiting to go back home. her husband is one of those who defied the order to leave and has been calling her with updates. >> reporter: did he say any houses there were being threatened? >> right now i don't think they're in immediate danger. >> reporter: in berries sa, trevor is another one who refused to go. >> i came in. if need be, i can leave on a
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boat in the night. >> reporter:'s been watching the winds swing around towards the community. >> we live in a matchbox full of matches basically. >> reporter: they are clearing brush, trying to get dozers around as much of it as they k right now it is moving north and east toward lake county and towards the community of barries sa estates. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. arson investigators are looking into the report that two boys with a weed cutter could have started the fire. this woman was shopping in santa rosa when she got the call from her husband. >> it was pretty frightening when i found out it was actually at my house. >> reporter: the fire which began yesterday is still burning out of control, as we said, about 70% out of control. we'll be back at 6:30 with an
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update. i told you they've updated the number of buildings burned, five outbuildings and one actual residence. it's far enough off the road we cot see t firefighters didn't see it until today because of the heavy layer of smoke. reporting live from pope valley, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> very good information. it will be an another tense night for so many of those homeowners. those choppers have also been on site for the last 24 hours. the next 24 hours, though, are even more critical. it will be dictated a lot by the wind. let's bring in jeff ranieri, and i guess erratic is the keyword here. >> most definitely. we're seeing a shift in the atmosphere that's going to make it highly unpredictable for the firefighters. a live shot, attacking it from the air will be the best line of
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defense and the quickest way to thwart this fire. the biggest change in the atmosphere is the fact that high pressure has been in control. that created an inversion layer, a rise in temperature in height of the atmosphere and that generally brings calming winds. and the warm air and stagnant air down by the surface. but what we're seeing right now is the inversion layer is lifting. we're getting some very erratic and unstable wind in the atmosphere near the fire. so we're seeing the wind blow in different directions. you can see right now, the temperature is 91, still hot. low humidity, 26%. winds out of the southeast and also southwest. very light, 5 to about 7 miles per hour and gusting to 9 miles per hour. so what i want to underscore on the napa county fire is winds are relatively light, and we do not expect it to gust over 30
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miles per hour. but it's the erratic nature of those winds that will continue to make it very difficult. we'll have another update in a few minute us. >> and only 30% containment at this hour. we're also covering the story on our website, and we're getting some very good pictures from our viewers. you can post your pictures on our facebook page or tweet us at isee a man is still holed up as negotiators try to talk him out. it started at about 1:00 this afternoon with a call about a depressed man. it called for the evacuations of homes. michelle roberts joins us live with the very latest. any progress? >> reporter: well, it has been a very scary afternoon for people here in mountain view. they're coming home from work and seeing this crime tape.
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about four blocks or so are off limbs to people. and several homes have been evacuated for their safety. this is around a home where a man has barricade himself inside the home. he is armed. officers were called to the 1000 block of williams way. his 13 year old daughter was inside, thankfully, please were able to get her out safely, but that was hours ago. and since then, the police have had the home surrounded. they have been armed. s.w.a.t. teams are here just in case something goes wrong. but really they're trying to negotiate with this man. and that's what they've been doing this afternoon. >> hopefully there's no shots fired and efrgs ends peacefully and he gets some help too. >> when you have a situation that, you know, has to deal with firearms or you have a subject who is distraught with a firearm, yes, absolutely as a precaution, we will --
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>> reporter: five or six homes have been evacuated this afternoon. one of the families that was evacuated has a very young baby, and they are eager to get back inside. but police keep telling them it is just not safe yet. s.w.a.t. teams have had their guns drawn this afternoon, but they say that is just a precaution, and they're hoping they can negotiate and get this man out safely so the whole neighborhood can get home tonight. reporting live in mountain view, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. we'll monitor this throughout the newscast. jurors in the bryan stow civil trial will be back tomorrow. they've told the judge they've reached an impasse. but the judge wants them to keep trying. stowe was left severely brain damaged after he was attacked after a dodgers game. his attorneys are suing the dodgers for negligence and saying that the team did not provide enough security for fans. they're asking for more than $50 million. drivers take note.
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if you're heading to san francisco this weekend, plan ahead, beginning at 9:00 tonight, a key stretch of 280, near at and t park will be closed. cristy smith is there. >> reporter: drivers are worried about sitting in gridlock with 280 into the city. there are a number of options -- take public transportation, take detours. even with that, expect another 30 minute wait. >> my sense is that it will be hectic. >> reporter: drivers heading in and toward san francisco are expecting a long wait this holiday weekend. >> it's going to be a lot of traffic and congestion. it's crazy. >> reporter: between the 281 kerkt and downtown will be closed from 9:00 tonight and then over the next few days. >> there's no painless way to
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shut down one of the two major freeways in san francisco. >> reporter: traffic exfebruaried to spill on to surface streets cutting out part of the roadway to replace a seismic safety hinge that's nearly 50 years old. >> it will be different because it's a different direction. but we're still expecting serious backups and serious delays. >> reporter: cal train is adding more service than unusual for its giants game traffic. >> we're also offering an advanced train because of the closure of interstate 280. >> reporter: and on the fourth of july, lots of people are expected to come watch water front fireworks. all part of a busy weekend in the city without a key portion of the freeway. >> i think it's going to be real rough on everybody. i drive for a living, you know? >> reporter: back here live, on a normal commute day, they have
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more drivers. it reopens at 5:00. christie smith, nbc bay area news. still ahead, is it free medicine? the east bay city that wants to hand out medical marijuana to the and the reason behind the move. the ongoing battle over measure b may have just gotten worse. lfrn a local bank robber with a distinctive trait. the fog is rolling in right now across the bay with currentl currently 74 degrees.
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some tns tense moments for firefighters on monday. crews are already stretched thin. and now there's a fear that things are about to get worse. the san jose city council has rejected a settlement that would have revised measure b. nbc bay area's damian trujillo first broke the story on friday and joins us now from san jose city hall. what's the mayor's response tonight? >> reporter: he's talking, raj. this is the settlement document that the unions were working on with the city manager, but today, the mayor said this is unacceptable and instead came up with a new ballot measure, one the unions call a deal breaker. the police and fire unions say they're surprised how quickly they were able to work with city manager. they hammered out this deal, a settlement agreement to end the
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measure b litigation, but the mayor and city council didn't buy it. >> you had an agreement. >> yes. yes. there was still some fine tuning to work out on some of the issues. >> reporter: so at this point, you don't like what you've seen from those settlement discussions. >> at this point we don't have a proposal that's acceptable. >> reporter: so the council pitched another ballot measure instead, one that would change parts of measure b. the council proposal angered the unions who thought they'd made progress with the city manager. >> this has cut the legs out from under the negotiator. >> reporter: it has convinced more cops and firefighters to leave. but the mayor says it's the union causing the exodus. >> the police kprunion is doing their best to get people to leave the city of san jose. they've had a concerted effort to stop recruits from becoming full-time officers. >> the arrogance and foolishness
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of this mayor ignoring his staff is beyond mind-boggling. >> reporter: they say it's inaccurate to say he had reached a deal with the unions and that that deal was rejected by the city council. he said this is sort of a working document that still needed to be discussed with the particulars involved in this matter. now whether that is a formal proposal, a formal agreement or not, this was something that was still discussed and considered unacceptable today by the mayor. live outside san jose city hall, i'll damian true -- trujillo. the mandates was added to the council's decision last night to allow one more medical marijuana clinic within city limbs.
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th that would bring the total to four. the newest medical marijuana clinic will likely open sometime next year. security stepped up at an east bay hospital after suspicious items were found. officers searched everyone going in and out of the hospital today. tonight they cleared the security alert. surveillance video show as patient left items behind they believe accidently, although officers are not revealing what those items r the bay area man accused of money laundering and hosting a prostitution website says he's not guilty. he operated my red book. he put up his mountain view home as security for bond of a quarter million. if he's convicted, they want him to forfeit $5 million that he allegedly earned from that
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website since 2010. in mountain view, police are looking for this man, saying he robbed a bank yesterday on castro street. witnesses say his most distinct feature is his odor. he wore a callaway baseball cap, long sleeve shirt with a bass pro shop logo and heavy construction boots. detectives say he got away with $1300 which he stuffed into a blue bag. bay area hits a hole in one. san francisco going to host the 2020 pga championship. now you may remember five years ago the course was used for the president's cup. it will be the first major championship held at the course. mayor ed lee says it's been years in the making. >> woue only could have done th with the foresight of the mayor and the managing of the park. >> the world golf championships
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will be held there, and it will also host the president's cup again in 2025. jeff ranieri with our 2020 forecast for the president. can you do that? can you pull that off? >> 78, fog in the morning and some sun by the afternoon. hold me to it. get a live look outside at the sky camera network and you can see we are forecasting some cooler temperatures as we head throughout tomorrow. we're looking at 81 for the average. the peninsula upper 70s. mid-80s for the east bay and sunny skies and we're continuing to watch those fire conditions right now in the north bay. i'm going to have the full fire forecast coming up in about ten minutes. but you can still see 80s expected. while it is going to be comfortable for the fourth of july, low 80s, great visibility for any kind of fireworks shows, we're going to see temperatures heat up and quickly by sunday. 90 degrees expected there.
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for the peninsula, 70s for the fourth. and by sunday we'll go up to e the 70s. we likely could have temperatures by sunday and monday next week that will be approaches 100 degrees. but if you're planning anything for the independence day celebration, we've got you covered. 79 in redwood city, berkeley 70 and pleasanton 88. even a little fog in san francisco should not obstruct visible too much. but let's take you to san jose. if you are planning to head out to the fourth of july in san jose, the forecast looks pretty awesome.
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by 9:00, 66. by 10:00, 63. looking pretty good. mid-air drama. the water leak that flooded flyers. also, i charge $500. and there's no guarantees, although i'm more than 95% successful. >> finding water any possible way. a man with a name synonymous with wine has a way, but not everyone agrees with this method. i'm robert honda live in the san jose foothills. the search is on for mountain lions all over the bay area. we'll show you how one group is looking and what one man found.
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mountain lions. new traps are being set in two other parts of the bay area. robert honda is in san jose with more on this search and capture project. robert? >> reporter: here in the san jose foothills we went out with a prominent wildlife group to watch them set safe traps to try to capture mountain lion, and as you'll hear, it's a great time to do it. they are using a fawn that was hit by a car as bates to lure
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mountain lions into this capture station in the south bay foot hills. they set up stations here and in the east bay today to monitor and ultimately track animals. they weren't surprised to hear a man encountered a mountain lion on the peninsula. >> probably going to see activity like that, potentially increasing because of the drought. animals are going to more, going to areas that are going to have water or vegetation they can eat. >> reporter: the san mateo man says he saw the mountain lion today hunting dear and wants people to be aware. >> i can't let the dog out in the back yard to rome am by herself. >> reporter: puma hunting deer happens all the time.
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>> if you have deer you are you're most likely going to have puma in the area. >> reporter: keep children inside during dawn and dusk. robert honda, nbc bay area news. still ahead, the alert for airports. the calls for tighter security for airliners bound for the u.s. we're still following developing news. what firefighters are racing against when it comes to this firefight. we'll have a live report coming up. i'm scott budman. you know the rental market is crazy here in the bay area. coming up, we have a piece of mobile technology that can give you an advantage when you're trying to find a place to live. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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right now at 6:30, the latest from that napa county fire. it is growing larger. this is day two, and there's not much progress. federal aid is on the way to help fund the 1,000 firefighters that could be battling this fire for several more days. this evening it's getting worse because of the wind. this is near wine country, but no wineries are actually threatened. nearly 6 square miles have already been burned. jeff ranieri is with us, but we begin with mark matthews with the very latest from the front lines. good evening, mark. >> reporter: let me show you what's happening.
6:29 pm
you see orange-suited firefighters working that line to try to get to the last of the spot fires out. let's pan over to the right, and you can see what the big concern is. this has blown up just in the last half hour or so as the bends have been picking up out of the southwest. aerial tankers are continuing the bombardment. they're dropping for much of the day. a humid inversion layer settled down on top of the fire. but this afternoon that has changed. the winds are out of the southwest. they have heated up the fuel. the fire has started to spread more rapidly. cal fire is calling for more help, more trucks, more crews. they expect several 00 more to join the 1,000 that are already on the line. the big concern, the 180 or so homes in the berryessa estates area.
6:30 pm
it's only about a mile anden ana half from the fire line. they've said a total of seven buildings have burned. five shoulds, one hunting cabin, one full-time residence. this is butts canyon road, but we have not seen the house that burned down. the firefighters didn't see it until today. even though it burned up yesterday. that's in part because of the inversion layer and the heavy smoke that blanketed the hills until this afternoon. all of that is changing as the winds have picked up out of the southwest, pushing the fire towards the north and towards the east and perhaps towards that area that is the berryessa lake estates. we haven't got an update on that yet. the last we heard, the fire was still a mile and a half away from those homes. but chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is back at your place with the latest on that. jeff, what's happening? >> thanks so much.
6:31 pm
you were mentioning a lot about the weather and wind condition and the inversion layer, the inversion layer is basically a big lid on top of the fire, and it just kept all of this smoke right on top of the areas that were being burned. but right now the atmosphere is getting stirred up. the inversion layer is mixing out. and what we are seeing is more erratic wind patterns. it's not the overall strength of the wind we're worried about. but it's the erratic nature of the wind that's going to pose firefighters a threat this evening. current temperature, 91. winds out of the southeast at 4 miles per hour gusting to 9. humidity at 26%. we're getting wind coming out of the north in some of the canyons in some cases with a predominant wind coming out of the south creating highly erratic winds, making it even more unpredictable than a normal fire
6:32 pm
firefighters would battle. winds topping out at 30 miles per hour tomorrow. i'll have the full forecast coming up. unfortunately, we'll be covering this story for a couple more days because there's only 30% containment. we will continue to follow this online and on air. ten days, and still no trace. that's what family members of a missing woman are reaching out for help. they were out at christmas hill park to look for this woman. she was in the south bay looking for her sister when she just vanished. >> we would love to have the public's help in getting the word out and keeping mimi's picture and information, you know, out there so we can find her and bring her home. >> her family is offering a $5,000 reward for information that will help find her. if you know anything, you are urged to call the gilroy police department. new details on a possible
6:33 pm
terrorist threat to the united states. foreign travelers headed here could soon face extra security at airports, here meaning into this country. knew intelligence has revealed that extremists are working with al qaeda to create bombs that could not be detected at airports. they wouldn't say whether there was a specific threat and it has nothing to do with the fourth of july weekend, but they are ordering increased security measures at several overseas airport. it's not affecting any of our bay area airports, mainly in europe, africa and the middle east. water dripping down passengers. a pipe burst on an australian-bound flight last night. it forced the quan tass flight to land. a tweet said it looked like a river running right through the
6:34 pm
plane. growing backlash tonight against facebook. first it was because of the psychology experiment, now it's the apology made by coo cheryl sandburg. >> it was communicated terribly. and for that communication we've apologized. we never meant to upset anyone. this is part of ongoing research companies do to test different products. and that's what it was. and it was just poorly communicated. >> she went on to say that facebook takes privacy and security seriously. but some critics called her apology insincere. they changed the news feeds of some users to test their emotions. she says the research was within its rights. meanwhile, british and french authorities are launching an investigation to see if they probing any laws.
6:35 pm
new odds if you are trying to find an apartment in the bay area. scott budman has information on the piece of technology that may help you. >> from a company here in the bay area who says they know how much of a pain it is to find an apartment, it's using a little technology to try and save you some time. it's hard out there for a renter. huge demand, short supply and sky-high prices make for a tough bay area rental market. to be a more efficient renter, try looking at fewer apartments. >> what we found is that renters spend an inordinate amount of time searching rentals. >> reporter: she's with apartment list which now lets you take a 3d tour of an apartment from your smartphone, eliminating all those time-wasting visits. >> they spend the time to go on a tour, and it's not exactly what they thought it would be.
6:36 pm
it migbetter. it might be worse. it might be not what they were expecting. >> reporter: think of it as google street view but for apartments. >> people use more and more of the technology, the new website, because it's efficient. it's quick. >> reporter: yes, real estate agents use apps when they look for places too. >> for renters, the sooner you have the information, the sooner you are in line and come with your application and everything, the more chances you have to get the place. >> next we step into the interior -- >> reporter: and while others are walking, you're surfing, maybe to your next apartment. >> apartment list admits it's just rolling this new feature out now. so there are only a few complexes in the entire bay area that have this feature as of now. the company expects to add more soon. back to you guys. up next, where will the a's end up. a new snag in the a's extension. california's historic drought has farmers turning to
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super natural powers in search for water. he's a winemaker by day, a water witch by night. you may not recognize his face, but you will definitely recognize his name.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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just in to our newsroom. we want to give you an update on the standoff we've been covering with an armed man in mountain view. it has ended peacefully. the map has been detained about 20 minutes ago. the incident started before 1:00 this afternoon with a call about a depressed man. according to police, that man was armed with a gun inside of his apartment. s.w.a.t. team and hostage negotiators had that apartment complex on williams way
6:40 pm
surrounded. it is right off el camino. very densely populated area. the standoff has now ended peacefully. as one of the year's busiest travel weekends starts, so does arthur. some towns have already issued states of emergency. some islands have mandatory evacuations under way even though the weather is miles away. the storm surge by friday could be as high as 3 feet. it is the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. >> my sister said there was a three-hour delay getting out of laguardia. >> and here we are. >> nice weather for us for the fourth. we're going to have a look at arthur, also the fourth of july forecast. but a look at the fog at the
6:41 pm
coastline. we'll talk about the pattern of this, when it moves in and out in a few minutes. i'm gerard moncure. some decent news for the giants' walking wounded. and the a's roadshow breaks down in the motor city. after justin verlander gets touched early, they break out the brooms. i'll show you how it happens coming up in sports.
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a propane leak led to this, a huge explosion and fireball. security camera captured this footage of a food truck in philadelphia bursting into flames yesterday. it was caused from a propane tank ignited by a cooking grill, the truck's owner, her daughter along with two relatives inside the truck when it blew are in critical condition. desperate times call for
6:44 pm
desperate measures. it has farmers turning into a witch in search for water. >> we're talking about a water witch with a very famous name. sounds a little hard to swallow. >> this water witch says there is no magic involved. you may recognize him, at least his last name. he's a prominent winemaker. that's his day job. his other job, helping farmers find the best place to dig for wells. >> what it tells me is there's an underground stream to my lift. >> maybe this is the world's oldest profession, this winemaker searching for the most important thing on earth, water. >> i use copper rods. you can use willows. you can use prisms. >> reporter: his family are napa valley pioneers, but in addition to making wine, he claims he can find water using these copper
6:45 pm
rods. >> they've helped me find a lot of water in california. not just napa valley, i've done wells throughout northern california. i've gone as far as mexico. >> reporter: he says when the rods cross, that means yes, that the ancient practice called dowsing or watcher witching has worked again. as the historic drought continues, his services are in demand. >> i charge $500. and there's though guarantees, although i'm more than 95% successful. >> reporter: but there are skeptics, including james underdown. >> we have tested dowsers. none of them have been successful in a scientifically controlled test. >> reporter: underdown believes that when it comes to the movement of dowsing rods there's a down to earth explanation. >> there's an effect which says that the unconscious mind can
6:46 pm
move muscles without one being conscious of it. >> reporter: he says it's the same effect to move the piece across the ouija board. >> scientist don't understand this. therefore, they don't believe in it. >> reporter: the u.s. gee logiclodg logical ser va is also a skeptic. he has named his newest wine label, the divining rod. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> very interesting. we have a scientist with us. >> our own scientist. >> i do not have those in the weather office. but it seems very interesting to say the least. we want to take you to napa county. this is the fire we've been continuing to follow. at least 3200 acres have burned. temperatures remain hot near butts canyon road. winds are fairly light,
6:47 pm
predominantly coming out of the south, southeast, southwest. gusting up to 9. we'll have more on that fire weather forecast coming up in about a minute and a half, but i want to take you out to this sky camera network. we've got the fire in the north bay. if we did not have the fog moving in as strong as it is right here, you could see throughout the peninsula, in palo alto, shaking around the camera, our fire danger would be exponentially hotter as temperatures could be 10 to 15 degrees hotter than what we're currently experiencing. so the fog, again, giving us a little good news on the firefighting effort. you can see for tomorrow morning we do have the typical fog back at the immediate coast line and also a little cloud cover that's going to move on into the interior valleys. it's not going to be extremely thick. but patchy clouds. this, again, will push back in a typical fashion for early july. we'll get sunny skies inland.
6:48 pm
do expect the fog and cooler breeze to remain. we'll take you through the micro climate forecast. you can see sunny skies, temperatures near average. about a 20 degree drop when you compare it to monday for a lot of the bay. it's going to feel like the ac's on a bit out here. saratoga, a little hotter. could be the hottest spot in the south bay. for the peninsula, 59 in pa sieve catch. and in san francisco, temperatures are going to remain in the 60s. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and tri valley. the tri valley with some of the warmest weather, 84 in danville, and up into napa county, temperatures generally in the 80s. but right near the fire near pope valley, again, we will still track winds that look like they'll get up to about 20 miles per hour. we don't expect it to get stronger than that. but another day withly humidity and temperatures near 90 for the fire effort. we talked about tropical storm
6:49 pm
arthur. right now it's parallel to jacksonville. wind is 70 miles per hour. almost a category 1 hurricane. it looks like it will strengthen to a category 1 storm by thursday at 2:00. winds at 80 miles per hour. likely move over toward cape hatteras for landfall and offshore baltimore and washington, d.c. travel delays are likely in raleigh, charleston, d.c. and jacksonville. back home, an awesome fourth of july. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and even with a little bit of cloud cover in san francisco, looks like you'll still be able to see the event a-okay. it looks like as those fireworks lift off, still a little cloud cover, but i think you'll be able to see everything just fine. >> that will be nice. still to come, recognize him? buster posy. buster with lucky kids in san
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geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. another curve ball in the a's coliseum lease deal. the two sides not budge beiing. after oakland city council members saw details of the ten-year lease agreement they asked for more concessions from the a's. the city is not revealing what the concessions were. but the a's owner says he's no longer playing ball. he's negotiated the lease for 14 months and says he is done.
6:53 pm
this has been a lousy week. >> yeah. rough sledding on the road, raj and jessica. the a's ride has come to an abrupt halt in motown. oakland has been eliminated and september a strong message with a sweep, clinching the season series between the two teams. the much maligned right hander gives up. later in the frame, cabrera, that's a rbi double down the left-field line. johnson charged with four earned runs. tigers rule, 4-3 the final. >> we were one pitch away from sweeping them four, and we played them a little bit later. they just turned the tables on us this year. i hope we do get to play them
6:54 pm
again. giants and cards tonight, obviously no angel pagan. he will rest through the weekend. now second baseman skud row, and bochy is encouraged with his progress. >> he's determined to get over the hump with this and keep grinding through it. so, you know, once i gets, you know, extended in these games, you know, seven, eight innings, then i think we'll have a better idea how he comes out of it and where he's at. g-men are 5-1, averaging over five runs a game and get the run differential right here, plus 19. not to mention they've hit .272 as a team. buster posey up bright and
6:55 pm
early today with the buster posey camp. posey, hands on, teaching the fundamentals of the game alongen with college and prep coaches from the area. for the mvp it is all about giving back. >> we're really fortunate to have a platform that we do, and we have an opportunity to use it. i remember going to camps when i was a kid and you know, if you can take positive stuff away from these things, they can be beneficial in the wrong run. check this out. a new look for the upcoming baseball all-star game. participants at target field in minneapolis on july 15 will sport a special cap for the first time. the hat is inspired by the classic 1970s minnesota twins batting helmet design, and you can bet major league baseball, they're going to take advantage of marketing these rare
6:56 pm
editions. finally wimbledon, playing less and less like a who's who and more like who's left. andy murray taking on grig or demeet involve. murray serving, hits the unforced error, falling to the 23-year-old bulgarian in straight sets. murray had won 17 straight matches at the all england lawn and tennis club. so the home fans not too happy about that one today. all right. thanks gerard. for a full half hour, you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. a dramatic attempt at burglary. what happened when a homeowner surprised a burglar. we're going to hear from the victim tonight at 11:00 after taxi brooklyn. serious attitude in richmond. >> hey, hey, hey. >> that's my favorite story of
6:57 pm
the day. these guys can work it. richmond's finest with this. an improve demonstration of the wobble. it was at last week's juneteenth festival. richmond was on the most dangerous cities list. last year they saw their lowest homicide rate in three decades, thanks in part to some of these dancing officers. >> that's how to wobble. >> they're working it. final word on our fire conditions. >> we want to give you a look at the next 24 hours. it will be windy but not overly gusty. humidity, 20 to 30% through tomorrow. and we'll also see temperatures again that will be at 90 degrees as well, so likely another tough day for tomorrow's forecast. we're just very thankful we're not going to see winds above 50 miles per hour. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great eving. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
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a chilling murder plot. breaking new details now on "extra." a nut with a knife spent on killing morning tv star michael strahan. >> security here at abc stopped him the first time, but he came back. >> how close he got to strahan. and was kelly in danger too? monica lewinsky on the desperate moment she considered suicide. >> i looked out the window and thought, i'll just jump. >> new bombshell from her scandal tell all. beyonce publicly admitting jay-z cheated. the clue she just dropped on stage. america's new golden boy.


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